Geek+ Launches the RoboShuttle to Expand Capabilities in Warehouse Automation

October 20, 2021 by Damond Goodwin

How can this new arm robot from Geek+ be used in warehouse operations?


Geek+ operates as a global technology and robotics company. They focus on supplying solutions for supply chain management and warehouses using AI and advanced robotics technology. The company has supplied over 20,000 robots to more than 300 different customers. Geek+ currently has more than 1500 employees across the globe, with its headquarters located in Beijing.


RoboShuttle RS8-DA 

Geek+ recently added to their robotic lineup with a flexible arm robot. This robot is known as the RoboShuttle RS8-DA

Geek+ is aiming to help customers maximize the amount of space available in their warehouses. The company claims that in some instances, the robot can help store almost 50% more items than in the same warehouse that has been stacked with traditional human labor. 


Video used courtesy of Geek+


The RoboShuttle RS8-DA is Geek+'s latest advancement toward helping customers deal with the latest rise in e-commerce. They hope the new system will supply their customers with a way to optimize expensive warehouse space and reduce wasted shelf space.  

The system can utilize racks up to eight meters high and can fit many different styles and sizes of totes, cartons, and boxes, regardless of their width. 

"With e-commerce and warehouse rental spikes, businesses need a flexibility and space utilization that traditional automation does not provide. Our engineering teams are continuously developing innovative solutions to meet this demand and allow our clients to remain competitive while providing a safe working environment to their employees." mentioned Liu Kai, Co-founder and VP of smart warehouse products at Geek+.


The System Design

The RoboShuttle system is built to reflect a modern solution to an age-old problem; space optimization. The RoboShuttle RS8-DA is slender and can navigate narrow aisles and sharp corners often associated with warehouse shelves. The system has a maximum height of 8145mm, making it capable of reaching the top shelves in most warehouse setups.

A robust chassis creates a capable platform for the RoboShuttle RS8-DA to operate on. Double deep telescopic fork arms and a narrow flexible door frame add to the mobility of the system. The fork arms are capable of picking and placing items in deep shelves maximizing shelf space utilization.  



The RoboShuttle RS8-DA. Image used courtesy of Geek+


Shelving heights can range from as low as 285mm to as high as 7820mm, helping to utilize the maximum amount of vertical space in warehouses.  

The system includes high precision sensors and a depth camera allowing the RoboShuttle RS8-DA to detect different box sizes and placement for more efficient operation and shelf space optimization. Inventory organization can be achieved at a higher level with idealized box size placement. 

The robot uses a warehouse management system (WMS) and intelligent algorithms to move up to eight individual boxes or totes around the warehouse to different possible locations, including:

  • Workstation
  • Automating picking
  • Replenishment
  • Reverse logistics
  • Inventory checking processes


Liu Kai noted, "As a long-term automation partner with strong R&D capabilities, we see it as our responsibility to facilitate various transitions that a business might be facing using flexible robotics. Our AMR solutions are uniquely tailored to meet industry-specific challenges that logistics operators are facing today."  



A graphic of the Geek+ Roboshuttle. Image used courtesy of Geek+


Geek+ hopes that its new RoboShuttle RS8-DA will help to make customers' warehouses more efficient. The new system can utilize more shelf space and reach 8 meters high, helping use more vertical space.  With the recent upticks in e-commerce, Geek+ is looking to make warehouses more efficient with their applied technology.