Geek+ Launches Its Largest Packing Robot for Intelligent Sorting

September 26, 2020 by Sara McCaslin

Geek+, a global technology company focused on advanced robotics and AI, has announced a new robot for intelligent sorting of large packages: the S100C. 

The S100C sortation robot from Geek+ can support sorting operations for various industries, including distribution centers, warehouses, cross-docking facilities, 3PL, and airports.


The S100C large package sortation robot. Image courtesy of Geek+.


On the heels of the recent announcement of a partnership between Geek+ and Köber for the advancement of AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) technology, Geek+ has now announced its S100C large package sortation robot.


The Geek+ S100C

The Geek+ S100C aims to be accurate, efficient, and safe sorting of large size parcels. It is designed for sorting units and parcels and safely transporting bins and can easily handle packages that weigh 100 kg or more. It is based on AI-driven AMR technology that supports adaptable, effective, and flexible solutions to modern sorting needs.

The S100C includes high-speed control belts that make it possible for the S100C to either deliver one large item at 2 m/s or process two smaller items at one a time.

Also, it is designed to make extremely efficient use of the sortation space. It has an independent rotating control chassis and collision avoidance that makes it possible to work in narrow spaces while saving up to 30% of the sortation area.

If the S100C detects that an item is too close to the edge of the control belt, it will slow down and make adjustments to the item’s position. Due to the flexibility of the S100C, its implementation costs are relatively low, and facilities can scale up their operations by just adjusting how many robots are in operation.

It can also collaborate with other robots and be integrated into existing systems to support more fully automated warehouse operations. The S100C can be deployed in less than two weeks. The capabilities of the S100C allow it to achieve accurate, precise sorting while reducing otherwise labor-intensive operations that can be both risky and costly. Image courtesy of Geek+.


Key Specifications of the S100C

The S100C is Geek+ largest sorting robot to date but makes effective use of its 1170 x 832 x 540 mm size and 210 kg weight.


The S100C large package sortation robot. Image courtesy of Geek+.


The rotation diameter (relative to the rotation of the belt) is 1150 mm, and the surface loading height is 544 mm. It only takes ten minutes to obtain a full charge that lasts for three hours, and it is IP54 rated, making it well adapted even to challenging work conditions that can involve dust and moisture.

The S100C navigates via a combination of inertial and QR code visual navigation and can achieve a position accuracy of less than 10 mm. Its sorting capabilities can easily be customized to support bar code scanning or RFID technology to enhance its sortation efficiency.


Built with Obstacle Detection

Obstacle detection is achieved through a combination of infrared and LiDAR, and obstacle avoidance uses a 2 m infrared light and a 3 m laser. And it does come with an optional emergency stop to further support the safety of using the S100C. The S100C robot communicates via Wi-Fi and IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n.

Sorting is a critical function in package handling operations, and the Geek+ new S100C sortation robot can quickly and accurately sort and handle a wide variety of goods.

Its extensive capabilities are in no small part due to its combination of AI with AMR. The S100C does its job without compromising safety or requiring extensive effort to deploy or integrate into existing systems.