Geek+ and Körber Continue Partnership for Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) Deployment

August 24, 2020 by Damond Goodwin

Geek+ has joined forces with Köber to create a strategic partnership for advancing automation and supply chain logistics.

Geek+ and Köber: A New Partnership

Geek+ is a technology company focusing on AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots) with a global presence. They have over 10,000 robots currently in production, for both warehouse and factory applications. Geek+ develops full range logistical robots, and they are now the only company that has Autonomous Mobile Robots of all types.

Their robotics technology has helped them to become a world leader in the current intelligent logistics revolution. With over 800 employees across the globe, they are a leader in AMR technology. Their headquarters is in Beijing, with offices in six other countries, including Germany, the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.  

Köber is an international technology group. They have over 10,000 employees around the world and more than 100 locations. In 2019 they had sales over €2.0 billion created from their technology, business, and leadership programs.


The autonomous mobile robot in action in a warehouse facility. Image courtesy of Geek+.


Köber is an industry leader in supply chain development and improvement, with end to end solutions for companies involved with complex supply chain needs.

They are capable of tying supply chain logistics together with automation, robotics, software, and material handling, for an excellent result. They are a leader in helping the growth of companies through the efficient use of available and emerging technology. 


Advancing Automation and Supply Chain Logistics

After the COVID-19 outbreak, both companies saw a need to develop innovative solutions to help with demand fluctuations and labor shortages.

Their joint effort hopes to help mitigate these unpredictable economic variations and help advance Autonomous Mobile Robotic solutions in manufacturing and warehouse industries. 


The autonomous mobile robot created by Köber and Geek+. Image courtesy of Geek+.


Geek+ has a wide array of successful AI-driven robotics that it plans to make available to Köber’s customers. Their combination creates the opportunity for the widespread integration of Autonomous robotics in existing markets. Machine learning and other capabilities supplied by Geek+ will help Köber with keeping businesses up to date in an ever-changing marketplace that involves increasing complexities. 

They have helped create an easier path for the integration of smart technology and robots to keep business competitive in any economy. With the help of Köber, they plan to make their next phase that is much more influential in the Autonomous Robotic Integration world.  


Looking Ahead

The world of robotics and technology is continually evolving to help with an increasingly complex world. As markets and supply chains continue to become more complicated, companies like Köber and Geek+ will have to stay innovative to remain competitive.

Combining the two companies has created a global impact on the way businesses deal with market shifts and labor shortages. The effect that Autonomous Mobile Robots can have is massive in making supply chains work more efficiently. In market downturns, robotics can help to mitigate the effects.

They are also more efficient at the repetitive tasks they are assigned to, helping reduce costs where product movement is involved. The outcome of a joint effort between two key players like Köber and Geek+ can be a significant help to the companies themselves and the businesses they work with.