Hexagon Showcases Latest Contract Inspection and Programming Services Portal to Promote Automation

November 10, 2021 by Shawn Dietrich

Learn about the new quality inspection and programming service from Hexagon and how it’s designed to help engineers in their manufacturing operations.

Hexagon manufactures and supplies sensors, software, and autonomous solutions to industrial customers. Hexagon creates products specifically for automotive, energy & resources, construction, and mining sectors. 

The manufacturing intelligence division recently released a quality inspection service. Through this service, customers can log in to an online portal, provide some information, and provide a quote for CMM programming or part inspection. 


MyQuality Contract

Quality plays an important part in any manufacturing facility. Smaller companies may not be able to afford expensive inspection equipment or have staff with the required skill set to program this equipment. 


An engineer working with the MyQuality inspection system. Image used courtesy of Hexagon 


Sometimes, companies work with short-term projects that require special inspection equipment and special programming. This is where Hexagon and the MyQuality contract could be useful. 

The MyQuality contract is a service that aims to provide expert CMM/PCMM programming for short-term or long-term projects. The MyQuality contract is also designed to provide contract part inspection services. 

Hexagon has fully staffed precision centers located at 11 locations across the United States and Canada. Customers are encouraged to visit the sites and oversee their components being inspected throughout the project.


Custom Programming and MyQuality Quoting

Hexagon doesn’t just provide programming CMM inspection points. They can also provide custom programming to automate the inspection process. Some services included are: customizing programming packages that include operator interfaces, interfaces for automation, customized logic routines, barcode reader integration, and customized reporting. 


The MyQuality inspection system at work. Image used courtesy of Hexagon 


Much like most services today, the quoting process is all online. A customer simply provides Hexagon with some information about the part required for inspection or programming services that are required, and a quote will be presented. With quoting service online, a customer can get a fast and up-to-date quote in seconds. 


Quality Engineers

With quality being such a large part of modern manufacturing, it doesn’t take much for a small to medium-sized company to become bottlenecked with a new or existing quality requirement. This slowdown can affect product delivery times and project milestones. 


inspection system

The MyQuality inspection system working on a precise task. Image used courtesy of Hexagon 


Hexagon is offering a way to relieve a quality restriction with a service-based approach. A service solution is sometimes the best way out of a short-term issue. Having another company inspect the required components could free up staff for other tasks and doesn’t require expensive and large inspection equipment. 

Automated Inspection programming is not quite the same as typical automation programming and does require some level of expertise in that field. Hexagon hopes that their new MyQuality platform will provide OEMs with an easier way to inspect and program their components.