Industrial Automation Experts Gear Up for the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) 2022

January 24, 2022 by Stephanie Leonida

This week, the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) 2022 will showcase the latest technologies within the poultry, meat, and feed industry, including industrial automation solutions.

The International Production and Processing Expo will be opening its doors to exhibitors and attendees from Tuesday, January 25–27th of this month. The show will be held at the Georgia World Congress Center (Atlanta, USA). 


IPPE logo

The IPPE logo. Image used courtesy of IPPE


The event will bring together customers and industry experts concerning the latest technologies within the poultry, meat, and feed industry. Among the exhibitors are industrial automation companies such as Nord Drivesystems (Nord), Sterling Systems and Controls, Inc. (Sterling), VDG, US Tskubaki, and TDI Packsys (TDI).


About the Expo

IPPE will feature over 1,000 exhibitors showcasing their production and processing technology associated with the meat, poultry, fishing, and farming industries. As well as getting up-close and personal with the latest industry innovations, attendees will have the opportunity to learn from the companies in free- and fee-based programs. 

The in-person expo attracts more than 8,000 International visitors from 130 countries to network, forge new relationships, or rekindle old ones across the industries. 

For more details concerning featured exhibitors and educational programs, you can visit the map your show page. Visit the registration page if you’re interested in registering. You can also use the My Show Planner to organize your trip to get the most out of the Expo, whichever day(s) you attend.


Nord Drivesystems

Among the exhibitors associated with industrial automation is Nord Drivesystems, which will present its new drive solutions for meat and poultry production at the IPPE 2022. At Nord’s booth (BC9423), exhibitors can find out more about the company’s corrosion-resistant smooth surface gear units


Nord drivesystems

Nord will present its newest drive solutions at IPPE. Image used courtesy of Nord


Some key features and advantages of this technology include its availability with nsd tupH sealed surface conversion, resistance to acids and alkalis, conformity to FDA Title 21 CFR 175.300, lightweight aspect compared to stainless steel, and more. Other technologies brought forward by Nord include its overhead conveyor drives and screw conveyor package. 


TDI Packsys

TDI Packsys will exhibit its food X-ray inspection systems at its expo booth (C11218). TDI’s food metal detectors can detect metal traces that may have contaminated goods during the production process. The company’s X-ray inspection solutions can enable the detection of bone down to 1 mm, which can mean the difference in saving the lives of consumers, as well as safeguarding the reputation of manufacturers. TDI’s food X-ray inspection systems are available in various sizes and can serve desired applications in the meat, fish, and poultry industries.


Sterling Systems and Controls

Sterlings Systems and Controls is a solutions provider for batching systems, micro, minor, and bulk weighing systems, as well as plant process automation and controls. The company will offer information concerning its Accu-portion automatic micro ingredient weighing/batching system for multiple ingredients at its booth. 

The technology comes with industrial-grade stainless steel bins and multiple scales for enhanced speed. It can also interface to existing batching controls or be provided with premier Sterling’s batching control system and feed mill automation system. 

To learn more about Sterling’s solutions and other exhibitors at IPPE 2022, you can visit the Featured Exhibitors page. Will you be attending the expo?