Industry Tech Days: Virtual Trade Show and Conference Hosted by AllAboutCircuits

September 18, 2022 by David Peterson

Here is your guide to the top control and automation sessions at the Industry Tech Days 2022 free virtual conference that begins Monday, September 19th.

Here at, our audience is mostly engineers across the control system space, working with automation systems, robotics, warehousing, natural resources, and many more. With that in mind, we have hand-selected a list of some of the top live sessions covering topics in the these fields. But, we would encourage to head on over to our partner site, All About Circuits, and check out all of the Industry Tech Days 2022 content for yourself. And, if you are unable to attend live, these sessions will also be availble on-demand.


Top Live Sessions for Control and Automation Engineers

Note: all times are Eastern.

Monday, Sept. 19

9:00 AM — "Bringing Design Order to a Chaotic World: Insights From Top Execs at Digi-Key and Molex" with Dave Doherty, President and COO of Digi-Key, and Joe Nelligan, CEO of Molex

10:00 AM — "Integration of Safety Related and Non-Safety Related Functionality on the Same HW (Mixed Criticality on a Single HW)" with congatec

1:00 PM — "A Versatile and Expandable Proof-of-Concept IoT Kit with Complete Communications Services" with Digi-Key and u-blox

3:00 PM — "Power over Ethernet, When a Switch is Not Enough" with Mouser Electronics and Microchip Technology

1:30 AM — "Stretch Your Possibilities with Murata's UWB Technology Secure Ranging & Precision Sensing" with Murata Electronics Singapore (Pte.) Ltd.

Tuesday, Sept. 20

11:00 AM — “Embedded Solutions based on RZ MPUs” with Renesas Electronics

3:00 PM — “How Miniaturization in Connectivity Creates an Efficient and Powerful Industrial Future” with TE Connectivity and Digi-Key Electronics

4:00 PM — “Protect your Electronics Assets from Intruders” with Eaton

Wednesday, Sept. 21

10:00 AM — "Wi-SUN: Innovation for Smart Solutions" with ROHM Semiconductor

11:00 AM — "Ultra-Low Power Wi-Fi: Battery Life Measured in Years" with Renesas Electronics

1:00 PM — "Practical Advice to Select the Right Plating Option for your Connector" with Samtec

2:00 PM — "Powering the Next Generation of Smart Homes with Sensors, Connectivity & Adaptor-Free Charging" with Power Integrations

Thursday, Sept. 22

9:00 AM — “Intel VP Wei Li Aims to Deliver AI Everywhere and to Everyone” with Wei Li 

11:00 AM — “Advancing Endpoint Intelligence” with Renesas Electronics

12:00 PM — “EZ-USB™ Serial Bridge Controllers” with Infineon Technologies

1:00 PM — “Remotely Monitor Equipment in a Challenging Environment with Single-Pair Ethernet” with SparkFun and Digi-Key

Friday, Sept. 23

9:00 AM — "Passing Storm or New Normal? How Should We Think of Today’s Electronics Supply Chain?" with Mouser, XTG, and MacroFab

11:00 AM — "How to Design Low Power Sensor Solutions & Interfaces" with Digi-Key

12:00 PM — "Practical Design Considerations for PICMG COM-HPC® Industrial Applications" by Samtec and Digi-Key


Keynote and live events are held throughout the day, so be sure to visit the ITD page to find out the time of these and all other events. 

From the registration page, you can sign up for sessions, arrange a personalized schedule, and even watch the events on-demand later if they don’t line up with your schedule (we know you are busy).


How to Register for Industry Tech Days

ITD 2022 is completely free for all attendees!

If you're ready to start signing up for events now, here's a handy button to take you directly to the conference homepage:


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Giveaway Packages and One Grand Prize

By registering, you're automatically entered to win one of 40 giveaway packages and the grand prize. Every Live Session you attend increases your chances of winning a soldering mat and T-shirt as winners are drawn at the end of each event.

The lucky Digi-Key grand prize winner (announced at the end of the show) will receive an InstaLab kit that comes with more tools, components, soldering gear, and T&M equipment than you can shake a stick at!


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