LMI Technologies’ All-in-one 3D Smart Sensor Solution

August 31, 2022 by Damond Goodwin

LMI Technologies has developed the Gocator 2600, a 3D smart sensor laser line profiler that provide customers with improved plant efficiency in order to reduce costs and improve production processes for their customers.  

LMI Technologies, headquarterd in Canada, focuses on designing 3D smart sensors for factory automation. Their Gocator and FocalSpec product lines have been used to help customers improve efficiency, achieve 100% inspection for product lines, and optimize systems to reduce waste. 

In order to continue helping customers stay competitive and improve process control with their product lineup, LMI has released their newest addition to their Gocator 3D smart sensor laser line profilers. The new sensor, the Gocator 2600, is capable of producing 4k high resolution for scanning and inspection applications and is designed to measure everything from microscopic to large conveyor inspection applications.  


LMI Technologies 3D smart sensor laser line profile sensors

The Gocator 2600 is LMI's newest addition to the Gocator 3D smart sensor series. Image used courtesy of LMI Technologies


Gocator 2600 3D Laser Line Profiler

The Gocator 2600 provides customers with a high resolution, wide field of view, 3D laser measuring system. The sensor is able to produce 4200 data points per profile for high-resolution 3D scanning and inspection across wide fields of view. They are precalibrated from the factory and include a powerful 9-megapixel imager. The sensor also comes standard with I/O connectivity and native multi sensor networking capabilities.

LMI's smart sensor contains an embedded dual core controller that helps to provide onboard data processing with low latency. The Gocator 2600 uses a blue laser that is used to provide cleaner scan data on different targets, including machined metal surfaces that are normally difficult to scan.



The Gocator 2600 can be used in highly accurate applications, such as for EV battery inpsections. LMI's Video used courtesy of LMI Technologies

Highly Accurate Product Inspection

The sensors are useful for applications involving product inspection and quality control of factory parts that have been recently manufactured, helping to reduce labor intensive inspection processes. Native multi sensor networking capabilities helps to provide larger scan coverage, helping customers to obtain a 360 degree scan of an object by using multiple sensors at once. Different models can be used to either optimize for field of view or resolution. 

The Gocator 2600 can provide x resolutions up to 18 µm for highly accurate inspection on smaller parts or systems that require extreme accuracy, such as measuring the thickness of the electrode coating of EV batteries. Depending on the optimization of the laser, the Gocator 2600 can be used on larger applications as well, like furniture inspection, door inspection, window inspection, sheet metal, air springs, wheel/rubber and tire. The wide scanner can provide inspection in applications on wide conveyor systems such those in the food industry, to inspect baked goods.   

The CEO of LMI Technolgies commented that “At 4200 data points per profile, customers can now solve for the most challenging microscopic features or choose to leverage the 2600’s wider field of view models for 3D scanning and inspection across a multitude of large conveyor applications."


Gocator 2600 3D Smart Sensor

The Gocator 2600 is an "all in one sensor solution" for quality control. Image used courtesy of LMI Technologies


Improved Plant Efficiency

LMI Technologies has developed the new Gocator 2600 to help provide customers with 100% quality control in their plant processes. Since the sensors can provide 3D measurement, more accurate inspection is possible than 2D inspection, because of the limitations that 2D scanning requires by needing to physically touch objects. LMI hopes that their latest sensor will help to improve plant efficiency in order to reduce costs and improve production processes for their customers.