New HMI and SCADA Package Designed For Machine Builders and OEMs

March 24, 2020 by Robin Mitchell

What is this software package and why is it important in the world of automation?

This new package comes from a company that specializes in a windows-based software tool that creates programs for machine data. ADISRA SmartView 4.0 is a software platform that allows for the creation of custom HMIs and SCADA for industrial applications. 



The importance of high-quality and practical HMIs have never been more important. In the past, HMIs have been fitted as a process itself and been constructed with physical components including seven segment displays and push buttons to control the station.

Now that industrial processes integrate many sensors all of which having readings and capabilities, the use of physical HMIs built from discrete parts is no longer a viable option.

While HMIs can be constructed from displays located at a process point itself these are only a “half-solution” as they do not allow for engineers to remotely monitor data as well as control the process remotely.

This problem occurs when engineers can be equipped with a range of different devices that may run different operating systems making it difficult to construct an HMI that can be accessed by the majority of platforms. SCADA can be considered to be the larger picture of a plant that shows designers all processes, their current readings, and allow the interaction of individual processes via an HMI.

Just like HMI, a good SCADA platform should be operating-system independent to allow maximum flexibility for operators as well provide details to engineers about each process while also linking back to manuals and instructions on each station should any repair and/or maintenance be required.


New ADISRA SmartView 4.0 SCADA Platform

To combat these issues ADISRA has released its latest version of their SCADA platform, Smart View 4.0, that provides operators with plenty of power and flexibility when creating plant management systems.

The Smart View 4.0 platform provides both machine builders and OEMs the tools to create packages that are rich in visuals, provide connectivity, are scalable, and easily integrate with other applications.


ADISRA new scada hmi platform

ADISRA SmartView 4.0 software platform. Image used courtesy of ADISRA.


The platform allows for the creation of interfaces that link back to manuals, drawings, animations, and videos to help assist and guide operators when specific processes fail as well as provide plant managers a better understanding of the plant as a whole.

While the platform itself is Windows-based it allows for the creation of both client and server programs while supporting a range of standards including HMTL5, .NET, SQL, XML, SNMP, OPC UA client, OPC DA client, OPC HAD client, OPC DA server, and OPC UA server.

Smart View 4.0 also supports commonly used IoT protocols such as MQTT making it a key component for any plant that is planning to integrate IIoT technologies into its processes. Smart View 4.0 can display data in real-time, have animated graphic screens, charts, show trends, recipes, and generate reports on desktop, industrial panels, web browsers, and edge devices. 


Access on Wide-Range of Platforms

Smart View 4.0 allows engineers to create a modern plant SCADA system with integrated HMIs that can be accessed on a wide range of platforms. Thanks to its support for technologies such as MQTT, it is highly suitable for IIoT applications. With its ability to generate reports, graphically show data, allow for operators to interface with processes, and link back to documentation it is a platform that will help engineers. 


Do you use packages like this one?