New Software Breaks Down Barriers Between Traditional Vision Systems and Deep Learning

August 11, 2021 by Shawn Dietrich

Cognex released their latest VisionPro software, designed to help engineers identify and fix pain points in their vision system applications.

VisionPro Deep Learning

Many consider Cognex a well-known company in the vision system industry. They have a library of vision components from barcode readers with liquid lens technology to monochrome and color cameras with software inspection tools. Cognex also offers vision software that provides the same extensive library of inspection tools all in the same software package.  

Cognex’s latest VisionPro software is a PC-based software that allows users to connect virtually any camera system, single or multiple, and perform inspections on the images captured. In addition to their VisionPro software, Cognex offers a library of inspection tools and barcode reading algorithms. 


The In-Sight D900 deep learning vision system. Image used courtesy of Cognex


The latest addition is Cognex’s “deep learning” algorithm. Most vision systems have a very similar process. An area of an image is selected for inspection, software tools are used to inspect the image, and parameters are chosen to determine a pass or failed image. Teaching the inspection tools which image is a pass and which is a failed part can be tedious and time-consuming. The deep learning algorithm aims to reduce this time by using industry-tested algorithms. 


The VisionPro Software. Image used courtesy of Cognex


By showing the software which images are a pass and which are a failed part, the deep learning algorithm will select the proper parameters for the inspection tool. This results in fewer false rejects. Reducing incorrectly failed or passed parts allows the machine builder to save customers costly downtime or high reject rates. 


Advanced Measuring and Gauging

The VisionPro 10.0 update also includes advanced vision tools for precision gauging, called SmartLine. These advanced tools take existing inspection tools and apply the deep learning features, resulting in high precision inspections without touching or interface with the part.


VisionPro Deep Learning’s graphical training interface. Image used courtesy of Cognex 


These particular inspection tools are meant for the medical and electronics industry, where precise measurements are crucial to proper assembly and quality control. 


VisionPro Software

The VisionPro software provides a unique platform for machine vision inspection with single or multiple cameras. The application has custom inspection tools and can now add deep learning to those tools to potentially make a very powerful machine vision application. 

The VisionPro software is also designed to integrate into .NET, C#, and C++ applications. This allows the controls engineer to develop deployable applications which can access the various inspections within a machine and deploy that application for any other project.   

While VisionPro 10.0 on its own is a very powerful software and is capable of quite a lot, adding Deep Learning to the inspection library makes for a virtually unstoppable force. The intuitive graphical user interface of VisionPro combined with the deep learning algorithm expands the already library of inspections tools.  

Measurement inspections in automation have always been a difficult task because you don’t want to disturb the part in the nest. Using VisionPro with deep learning machine vision for precise measurements allows the engineer to design a station that can precisely measure components or locate the position of components.