World’s First Industrial Smart Camera from Cognex: The In-Sight D900

June 17, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

Cognex release a new vision system with integrated deep learning capabilities to enhance factory automation operations.

With over a decade since the production of its first vision system called DataMan in 1982, Cognex has grown exponentially in its machine vision capabilities.


Machine Vision Capabilities Continuing to Grow

Not only does the company lead the way in the provision of vision systems, but software, sensors, and industrial barcode readers as well.

Cognex delivers state-of-the-art products with the incorporation of artificial intelligence and machine learning to keep up with the challenges facing factory automation and manufacturing. Recently, the company announced the release of its latest innovation, in the form of its smart camera, the In-Sight D900 embedded vision system. 


The In-Sight D900

The new vision system incorporates Cognex’s ViDi deep learning software inside an In-Sight industrial-grade smart camera. The camera was designed to help factory automation consumers solve a variety of tricky in-line inspection challenges such as optical character recognition (OCR), defect detection, and assembly verification. These challenges are simply too complex to be handled by standard, rules-based, machine vision tools, or by error-prone human inspection.

This is where example-based deep learning allows users to automate inspection. Good read images can be used to program defect detection, drastically reducing system set-up time. For OCR, model codes can be hard to read from damage or due to complicated backgrounds. This would be a problem for standard machine vision tools, but not for ViDi deep learning software. The software comes pre-loaded with a font library and can identify codes with high precision. 


The In-Sight D900. Image used courtesy of Cognex. 


Assembly verification of products on the factory floor no longer requires manual inspection. The ViDi software of the In-Sight D900 utilizes its neural network for constructing working models of product parts from multiple images. This enables efficient accommodation of part variation which can change often in the redesign of an end product. The capabilities of the ViDi software eliminates the need for time-consuming re-programming of vision systems. 


Some of the key features of the In-Sight D900. Image used courtesy of Cognex. 


Operators can also use the system to create a component library for creating custom layouts when working on production lines right on the factory floor. New line configurations can be created quickly and efficiently which can contribute to boosting product throughout. 


Insight ViDi Interface

Insight ViDi utilizes the easy-to-use In-Sight spreadsheet interface for quick set-up and running of deep learning applications with no need for programming. A full I/O and communications function set is used to simplify application development and streamline factory integration.

ViDi allows standard vision based tools to be used alongside deep learning tools in the same project and requires shorter training and validation periods. ViDi applications can be run without a PC. The entire vision system is modular in design and features an IP67 rating. The system can be modified to have different lighting, lenses, filters, and covers to fit various application requirements. 

In addition to these features, the In-Sight D900 allows customers to build highly interactive human-machine interfaces via remote access. The In-Sight D900 is ideal as an inspection tool for use in industries including automotive, consumer products, consumer electronics, packaging, medical devices, food and beverage, and logistics.