Omron Unveils CP2E Series All-In-One Controllers for Compact Iot Applications

June 02, 2020 by Alessandro Mascellino

Omron Automation just released a new line of compact controllers, suitable for various industrial applications.

The compact CP2E Series features an extended temperature range that integrates I/O ports, communication, and motion control. Commenting on the release, Omron said the new controller would be ideal for a variety of IIoT applications.


Omron’s CP2E Series

The CP2E is a PLC for small to medium machines. The device builds on the success of the CP1 series of compact controllers by adding function block capabilities, extended environmental ratings, and up to 2 Ethernet ports.


Omron CP2E PLCs. Image used courtesy of Omron.


The CP2E also features an RS232/485 serial interface, USB support, and up to 2 option boards for analog and options. The controller also supports up to three expansion modules for up to 180 individual I/O points.

Thanks to its function blocks capabilities, the CP2E can achieve e 4-axis positioning function with linear interpolation, as well as a PID control with autotuning function block for stable temperature control. The device also allows for simplified troubleshooting via input/output terminal LED indicators facilitating root cause identification.


The Benefits of All-in-One Controllers

Streamlining manufacturing processes is important to keep a production line functional and prevent unexpected shutdowns. Deploying a comprehensive IIoT-ready system can be expensive, however, and that is where performant, “All-in-one” controllers can make a difference.

Omron’s CP2E Series is developed to increase manufacturing productivity and quality by simplifying the visualization of data of connected machines through basic programming. In other words, the controller collects machine performance data and then shares the necessary information with enterprise networks. At the same time, the predefined program data and function blocks will allow virtually anyone to set up machines to perform complex control.


Versatile Applications 

In terms of uses for the new CP2E Series, Omron said the controller could be used beyond just the manufacturing industry and in a variety of scenarios. In fact, the CP2E’s extended operating temperature range makes it a reliable option for machines in various industries, such as infrastructure and agriculture, where the demand for controllers is increasing.


CP2 Series Compact Controller. Image used courtesy of Omron.


Non-standard controllers have traditionally been used in these sectors, with customers manually managing and maintaining machines utilizing their own expertise. Defined by Omron as an “install and forget” solution for demanding environmental conditions, the CP2E now gives these customers a more user-friendly option. In fact, the controller's extended operational temperature increases its reliability in special applications and its battery-free operation reduces maintenance costs, making it ideal for uses in different scenarios. The CP2E datasheet is available on Omron’s website.


What do you think about these devices and do you use “Al-in-one” controllers in your business?