Rockwell Provides Free Access to ControlFLASH Plus and FactoryTalk Updater Tools

September 15, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

Rockwell Automation released updates for its free updater tools to provide central visibility and useful software and firmware management.

Rockwell Releases New Updater Tools

Rockwell recently announced the availability of its updated, free ControlFLASH Plus and FactoryTalk Updater tools. These tools allow producers to track and manage industrial firmware and software more effectively. 

Depending on the automation system's complexity, updating your control hardware's firmware can be quite daunting. Valuable production time can be lost during downtime if producers, administrators, or team leaders have difficulty locating the correct firmware and software. Rockwell aims to address the lack of centralized visibility in many plants and manufacturing facilities. 


Software and Firmware Management 

The new Updater tools allow users to manage their workstations connected to the internal network with ease. No internet connection is required, and remaining offline in this way may be preferred for security reasons or as a specific personal preference. 

ControlFLASH Plus allows users to quickly view different versions of software and firmware in one place. Users can review available firmware for the suitability, and firmware can also be saved to a firmware-favorites list. Any specific combinations of firmware can also be managed or exported.


ControlFLASH Plus

This ability can allow the quick and efficient restoration of machinery that has been functionally compromised in an incident. With ControlFLASH Plus, users can also selectively flash multiple devices simultaneously. Users can view the lifecycle stage of devices, and any critical announcements and release notes. 


The ControlFLASH Plus interface. Image courtesy of Rockwell Automation. 


The FactoryTalk Updater tracks and manages control system software. The tool is freely available to anyone who installs Studio 5000 and other FactoryTalk software offerings. The Studio 5000 environment enables the rapid design, collaboration, reuse, and virtual design. The software allows users to program and maintain controllers and build applications to improve operator performance. 

For manufacturing processes to run smoothly, technologies and software need to work together in synchrony to go from in-bound raw materials to outbound fully completed products. The ControlFLAS Plus and FactoryTalk Updater are the ideal tools to keep workflows and production lines on the go.


The FactoryTalk interface. Image courtesy of Rockwell Automation. 


In addition to these tools, users can access the FactoryTalk AssetCentre. This tool can be used to manage, secure, versioning, track, and report automation-related asset information across an entire facility. These processes are automatic and can help improve uptime, worker safety, and regulatory compliance.