Rockwell Set to Acquire CUBIC for Strengthened Motor Control Offerings

October 09, 2022 by Stephanie Leonida

Rockwell Automation announced plans to acquire the electromechanical solutions provider, CUBIC, to promote intelligent motor control offerings worldwide.

The US-based global company, Rockwell Automation, provides its network of customers with products and solutions for digital transformation efforts and industrial automation. In early October, Rockwell announced the signing of an agreement to acquire the electromechanical solutions provider, CUBIC-Modulsystem A/S (CUBIC). 

The Denmark-born company, CUBIC, uses its Modular System to design and supply control panels, marine panels, motor control center switchboards, main switchboards, and more. The company also offers other electrical components, flexible copper busbars, as well as customized and standard solutions. Upon closing the acquisition, Rockwell hopes to strengthen their motor control offerrings.


CUBIC's Modular System and control panel design

Via CUBIC's motor control solutions and partner network, Rockwell hopes to strengthen itself and its relationships globally. Image used courtesy of CUBIC


CUBIC Modular Systems

CUBIC was founded in 1973 and has its headquarters based in Brønderslev, Denmark. The foundation of the company’s switchboard technologies stems from its initial use of a modular system for the creation of electrical panels. CUBIC’s Modular System allows any type of switchboard type to be constructed with the option of either stainless or lacquered steel versions. CUBIC uses its technologies to cater to a variety of industries including renewable energy, production, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), mining, marine, infrastructure, power plants, offshore, and others.

Companies seeking a mutually beneficial relationship can join CUBIC as a valued partner. Partners can gain access to CUBIC’s Global Training Programme, which provides knowledge concerning how to handle the company’s products, type testing, international standards, and the hands-on design of switchboards.


Industrial Motion Control

Motion control can be used to automate industrial processes. Motion control is the use of motion sensors and actuators to control a device’s movements. This can include anything from a conveyor belt in a factory to an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Motion control is also used for applications such as self-driving cars and warehouse operations.

Motion control has been used in industry for over 100 years, with recent technological developments leading to more efficient and precise motion control systems. Motion control is also being used in many new applications such as robotics, autonomous vehicles, wind turbines, and air traffic management systems.


Rockwell's Intelligent Motor Control Solutions to Expand Globally with CUBIC partnership

Both Rockwell and CUBIC hope to expand their market reach and better serve customers through the acquisition. Image used courtesy of Rockwell 


A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

For CUBIC, joining Rockwell will enable the former company to expand its global market reach and extend a hand to a wider customer base. Rockwell believes that CUBIC’s motor control solutions will bolster its Intelligent Motor Control portfolio. Additionally, CUBIC’s expertise will enable Rockwell to expand its market reach into data center solutions and renewable energy. 

Through CUBIC’s partner model, Rockwell will be able to expand its partner network into Europe, Asia, and Latin America with a focus on delivering smart motor control solutions.

Together, Rockwell and CUBIC’s combined expertise is hoped to benefit customers with solutions that provide faster lead times, broader applications for intelligent motor control, and smart data generation to help achieve productivity and sustainability goals.

CUBIC is expected to bring in over “$75 million in sales in the fiscal year 2022” ending September 30. The transaction is subject to regulatory approval and is planned to close by this year’s end.