SICK Sensors Releases New Quality Inspection SensorApp and All-in-One Vision Sensor

October 13, 2020 by Ben Stepanian

SICK announced the release of its Inspector P62x sensor and Nova app solution that will perform tasks such as quality assurance and inspection.

In the age of advancing technology, automation, and AI has changed the way manufacturing industries operate. Now that we rely on automated tasks, it's important to increase the quality and yield that automation produces for us. 

Product misplacement detection. Image courtesy of SICK.

Advanced technologies like these will allow for the simplification, acceleration, and reduced failure of industrial processes that will ultimately benefit the future.


InspectorP62x All-in-one Vision Sensor

Everything you need to operate this device is all enclosed in one unit. This means that no external PC or control unit is required for operation. This sensor has capabilities such as 2D, 3D vision, and color ranging. 

Cameras paired with AI allows programmable devices to perform various tasks. This device can integrate into most systems to help perform these tasks. Robotic arms for example can utilize this sensor for 2D applications for pick-and-place sequences. This would allow the arm to perform tasks with little to no error.  


The Software

The 3D software can easily recognize anomalies found in an assembly line and generate models to show what is being recorded. With the color ranging feature, the inspection of parts or processes just became a lot more reliable than other solutions by scanning for irregularities and assuring that processes are done correctly. 


Loose debris detection. Image courtesy of SICK. 


The device is configured through SICK Nova’s sensor application. Multiple InspectorP62x sensors can be configured for image processing and quality assurance. The sensor app is intuitive to use and can extend the functionality of SICK tools. SICK claims that a new user can navigate the system interface easily through a web-based user interface.

The Inspector P62x comes out of the box ready to use and features electronically adjustable optics and lighting controls for high-quality imaging. 


SICK’s Solution Ranges from Different Industries

This new solution can be used in multiple industries such as the auto and aerospace industry. The optimal use for the sensor and application is for inline quality control, manufacturing, assembly, package verification, part localization, measurement, detail inspection, and counting. 


Failed part detection. Image courtesy of SICK. 


This solution may be suitable for a process that requires high levels of precision and accuracy from automated devices or processes. Not only does this improve industrial processes, and decrease product or output failure, it also makes the workspace safer when configured to sense motion or body parts in areas of potential danger.


Technical Features

The software so far can be configured for English and German and can support a variety of SICK products. The InspectorP62x sensor is a compact and lightweight device that weighs 170 grams and is powered by either a 12 volt or 24 volt DC power supply. 

The enclosure has an IP65 rating. The sensor itself has a scan/frame rate of 50z and has a 1.3 Megapixel resolution. The operating temperature of this device is 0℃ to 50℃ and can function in up to 90% humidity. The data transmission rate over an ethernet connection is 10/100 MegaBits per second and can be stored on a microSD card.