Siemens Aims to Improve Machine Tool Availability Through its Latest Mechanical Applications

November 01, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

Siemens seeks to improve the production process for global businesses by providing digitization tools for monitoring machine tools

Siemens provides its network of customers with digital and physical technological solutions. This month, Siemens announced the extension of its edge application, Analyze MyMachine/Condition, along with a complementary Mindsphere application.

Combining edge and cloud computing brings machine tooling industries the SINUMERIK Edge application Analyze MyMachine/Condition



Siemens SINUMERIK Edge is a specification of the Siemens Industrial Edge platform. Users are provided access to all machine tool data, offering 1000 values per second for up to 100 variables. 

Siemens combines edge and cloud computing to deliver a new application for its SINUMERIK Edge, Analyze MyMachine /Condition. Image courtesy of Siemens.


The platform was created in the hope of driving higher machine productivity, increasing machine availability, optimizing the quality of processes through the intelligent processing of data.

Additional functions are available via the platform so that machine tools can be extended and to help streamline operations. Updates for security-relevant features are available, and partners or machine users can develop apps, share them, and use their own. 

The platform consists of six key nodes in an enhanced digital network. These include the machine tool, data stream, MindSphere, server, Edge Management System, and Edge apps. 

Machine tool capabilities with Siemens SINUMERIK Edge platform. Image courtesy of Siemens


The MindSphere is the central point of administration of SINUMERIK Edge devices. It ensures that hardware and operations are continually updated. The SINUMERIK Edge has various interfaces to analyze machine data to be sent to the machine tool or local and cloud-based IT systems. 


The Analyze MyMachine /Condition Application

Of Siemens SINUMERIK Edge platform applications, the Analyze MyMachine /Condition application allows users to gain insight into the working status of the machine tool being used. 

To do this, the platform uses high-frequency data from the CNC to generate a mechanical fingerprint of the machine tool. The fingerprint provides information regarding any maintenance or wear. This enables users to conduct necessary condition-based maintenance and high machine availability. 

The Analyze MyMachine/Condition is intended to benefit users by mitigating potential downtime and loss of productivity. Monitoring the machine tool condition and comparing it with a reference condition detection of critical deviations can be made early.

Parameters that can be collected and evaluated include friction, stiffness, and backlash through the flexibly configurable measurement series.


Mindsphere Application

Throughout any production process, value drivers include workpiece quality, process quality, efficiency, flexibility, and technical machine availability. 

The new complementary Mindsphere application to Analyze MyMachine /Condition brings detailed data and information to help boost productivity for automated and digitized production worldwide.