Software Meets Security: Siemens Launches New Function Point Manager App

September 03, 2021 by Stephanie Leonida

Siemens releases its new cloud-based Siprotec Function Point Manager app for rapid license file generation and expansion of protection device functionality.

As industrial technology advances, many industry leaders are attempting to keep up. Part of keeping up has included recent developments of new web-based apps to help streamline machine operations and promote secure and safe systems. Siemens is the latest company to develop a web-based app to promote security in industrial operations. 

Siemens AG is a global industrial technology company that provides products and services focusing on electrification, automation, and digitization. The company just released its new Siprotec Function Point Manager application. The new cloud-based app was created to enable customers to expand the functionality of their protection devices designed for industrial plants, utilities, or infrastructures. 


The Siprotec Function Point Manager

With the Siprotec app, users can manage function point budgets and assign function points to SIPROTEC 5 and SIPROTEC 5 compact devices to expand their software functionality. The Siprotec 5 product family of field devices combines modularly designed software and hardware with the DIGSI 5 engineering tool for protection, control, monitoring, and measuring applications in electrical energy systems.


Siemens releases the new Siprotec Function Point Manager App. Image used courtesy of Siemens 


The Siprotec app provides a convenient way of quickly generating new license files (in a few seconds as opposed to a week) for protection devices required for different applications, such as protecting motors in a specific distribution network of utilities or industrial plants. This rapid license file generation also means rapid function updates for adapting devices instead of keeping different device variations on standby. 


The interface of Siemens function point manager app. Screenshot used courtesy of Siemens


The CEO of Digital Grid at Siemens Smart Infrastructure, Robert Klaffus, said in a recent news release, “For the first time, the Siprotec function point manager combines expanding the device functions of a protection device with an end-to-end software solution.” Klaffus added, “This gives our customers a fast, straightforward, cloud-based solution for their protection devices.”


How Does it Work?

Siprotec app users can access its capabilities by logging into the Siemens ID Login Service with their Siemens ID credentials. Once users enter a verification code, they will be presented with the Siprotec app interface. Users can use the menu to “Manage Function Points” and enter the chosen device serial number. Before generating the license file, users must check the device type and select the new function point class.


The app can allow simulation and machine-to-machine communication. Image used courtesy of Siemens 


Users must then confirm and create the license file, after which the function points will be debited from their account. Users can download the file and must confirm the export control clause. 

The file will be available in the download directory. Following this step, users must close the Function Point Manager by logging out and start DIGSI 5 to upload the license file to their Siprotec 5 device. Siemens’ Siprotec 5 portfolio includes a range of individually configurable devices that can be used for breaker management, overcurrent and feeder protection, motor and generator protection, transformer differential protection, universal protection, and more. 

What web-based apps do you use on the factory floor?