Siemens Launches Comos Mobile Worker App for Industrial Monitoring and Maintenance Management

December 28, 2021 by Stephanie Leonida

Siemens provides process plant maintenance teams with a mobile management software to process data from multiple sources and in real-time.

Recently, Siemens announced its new augmented reality (AR)-reality-based mobile management software, the Comos Mobile Worker app. 

Siemens, along with specialist ar software developer, Augmensys GmbH, jointly developed the new software. The purpose of the Comos Mobile Worker app is to allow users to gain access to critical real-time data from individual sources in one server. 



An engineer demonstrating the capabilities of the new app. Image used courtesy of Siemens 


The app can visualize and process engineering data, live data from a given control system, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) system data to aid the safety of and maintain the efficiency of process plant operations. 

Comos Mobile Worker App

According to Siemens, several challenges stand in the way of keeping operations running smoothly. These challenges include incompatible data sources, out-of-date information, localization of errors/field devices, and complex documentation. 

Documentation in paper form can be hard to find, not complete, and involve a lot of time just to sift through. The inability to locate field devices for fast and efficient maintenance can also slow productivity. 

For Siemens, the Comos Mobile Worker app hopes to offer a way for maintenance teams to economize on time, reduce business costs while achieving maintenance that benefits business productivity.


Real-Time Data and Device Location

Maintenance teams can use the Comos app to pool information from various resources, including Siemens’ control systems, ERP systems, third-party systems, or the COMOS computer-aided engineering (CAE) system. 


A visual representation of the abilities of the new mobile app. Image used courtesy of Siemens


Linked engineering data can provide a holistic view of the plant or facility in question. With greater visibility, maintenance teams can easily identify machinery problems and troubleshoot them to get things running smoothly. 

Users can collect information using the Comos app, including videos of individual maintenance steps, plant photos, 3D models of pumps, and more.

The Comos app also uses an AR and navigation function to detect devices and problem sources. Engineers can receive data on a mobile terminal device, such as a tablet, smartphone, or data glasses, and are guided to the site by the quickest possible route. 

Bidirectional Exchange

Engineers can use the Comos app to specify the steps in replacing a component such as a pump and then feedback information regarding the successful replacement of the pump. 

This ensures that data in the higher-level systems are kept up to date. The bidirectional mode of operation also ensures that machinery or components’ current status is correctly and consistently documented in the integrated systems such as the maintenance management or production system. 

Siemens is hopeful that this new app can help engineers receive faster, more accurate real-time data for their maintenance operations.