New Strobing LED Lighting Creates Illusion of Continuous Light

November 19, 2023 by Damond Goodwin

Smart Vision Lights has launched its latest machine vision light that utilizes Hidden Strobe technology. The strobing LED light aids high-speed imaging while appearing continuous.

Smart Vision Lights (SVL) has released the latest development in its Lightgistics Series of machine vision lighting for logistics, the JWL150-DO. The JWL150-DO is a compact LED light that utilizes SVL’s newly developed strobe technology, giving accurate imagining results without the negative effects created by traditional strobing of LEDs.


Smart Vision Lights Hidden Strobe Technology doesn't cause worker annoyance like traditional strobe technology

SVL’s new machine vision light attempts to solve a common annoyance in the logistics industry: strobing LED light. Image used courtesy of SVL


LED Strobing Improves Picture Quality

Machine vision systems provide an invaluable resource for manufacturers by issuing fast quality control, product orientation information, barcode reading capabilities, and much, much more. However, as manufacturing speeds increase with improved technology, the speeds at which machine vision cameras capture images must also increase. These increased speeds present a problem for image quality since high-speed objects often blur. Strobing LED lights has been a successful way to capture high-speed images of products. Still, there is one major caveat: it can be detrimental to workers in the immediate areas around the system. 

High-speed strobing can cause problems for workers in the area by disorienting them or constituting a general annoyance. With an increase in smart warehousing, the amount of LED light strobing has grown, making the issue more immediate and troublesome. Some manufacturers have switched to non-visible lighting to eliminate the problem, but this can lead to less than satisfactory image quality. Another solution is to shield the strobe. This solution works well without any negative impact on the effectiveness of the strobe light, but it is expensive and can be difficult to integrate.


JWL 150-DO Lightgistics Series machine vision light utilizes Hidden Strobe Technology

The JWL150-DO machine vision light is the latest release in SVL’s Lightgistics Series. Image used courtesy of SVL


The JWL150-DO Machine Vision Light

SVL has released the latest in its Lightgistics Series, the JWL150-DO machine vision light, to keep the benefits and ease of strobing LED lights without the drawbacks.

The lights are designed for use in challenging conditions, including scenarios where the barcode or optical character recognition is hidden behind product packaging. The system can recognize and read the correct information, even behind shipping bags or reflective packaging. 

Lightgistics lights contain Dual OverDrive technology, which joins SVL’s Deca OverDrive and standard OverDriveTM engines. This combination allows users to attach polarizers that can handle almost any speed while retaining exceptional light output.


Hidden Strobe Technology works by strobe faster than the human eye can see

The JWL150-DO strobes faster than the human eye can see, creating the appearance of continuous light. Image used courtesy of SVL


Hidden Strobe Technology

The JWL150-DO light utilizes SVL’s patent-pending Hidden Strobe technology. The JWL150-DO Smart Vision Lights can strobe thousands of times per second—the human eye can only perceive strobing if it is less than 60-100 times per second. This means operators in the area will perceive the light as continuous, while the system can effectively use the higher-intensity light.   

SVL’s Hidden Strobe technology works by lights containing a capacitor that allows them to strobe a high-intensity light without excessive electrical draw. With strobe light technology, the LEDs can emit light up to ten times the brightness of continuous LEDs.

Faster Than the Speed of Vision

SVL’s series of Lightgistics machine vision lighting attempts to solve common challenges faced in the logistics industry, and the JWL150-DO is no different. While strobe lighting is useful for barcode reading and package recognition, it can be detrimental to workers in the area. SVL’s JWL150-DO attempts to solve the problem of strobing light by strobing faster than the eye can see. This technology allows manufacturers to capture images accurately without the negative impacts of traditional strobe technology.