Testia Develops Customizable Software Development Kit for Hardware Acquisition Systems

December 27, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

Testia, an Airbus Company, provides operators with development kits that provide operators with direct control of its hardware acquisition systems.

Airbus company, Testia, specializes in both non-destructive for aerospace and aerostructure inspection for ensuring integrity. The company has over 25 years of experience in engineering and aerospace inspections.

Testia’s inspection service includes those that are both in-house and onsite during manufacturing and maintenance processes. The company has recently supplied its customers with software development kit (SDK) packages to enable more flexible control of non-destructive testing (NDT) inspections, whether these be general or specialized tests.


The Box Concept

Industrial businesses and R&D centers are continually endeavoring to optimize processes to increase productivity, maintain value delivery, meet customer demands, and keep one step ahead of the competition.

Establishing a stable platform from which to train workers, design acquisition software, implement workflows, conduct experiments and tests, and integrate outcomes effectively into industrial operations is highly attractive.

Testia’s current acquisition systems portfolio contains the multi-method UE1 Box and phased array U32 Box. The SDK packages made for use alongside these boxes are hoped to utilize every device feature to its maximum to achieve multiple technical specifications or to accomplish other inspection goals. 


The UE1 Box. Image courtesy of Testia.


The Box concept combines hardware and software on embeddable units to help engineers decide on the most appropriate NDT inspection method needed for a specific machine, task, or job. Testia’s UE1 Box device applies to the testing of materials to identify any potential defects. It can also be used for material characterization and thickness assessment.



Ultrasonic testing (UT) and eddy current (ET) testing can be conducted using the UE1. This also includes boreholes with rotary probes and resonance data acquisition all-in-one. The U32 Box allows operators to run phased array ultrasonic data acquisition as well as conventional UT. This box is comprised of 32 elements and can be used for ultrasonic inspection automation of aerospace parts and other applications.


Direct Box Control Using SDK’s

Developers can get their hands on SDKs that provide various functions to adapt control of Testia’s Box for specific applications, all with their integrated software. The SDK’s come categorized to aid adoption by developers. For example, Initiators, Setters, and Getters are available.


The U32 Box. Image courtesy of Testia.


The SDK’s come with detailed documentation, examples, and support to help establish an easy way for software to be designed and generated. Testia hopes that its SDKs can allow operators to implement desired workflows rapidly and obtain instantaneous results. 

Earlier this year, Testia also released its SmartScan for multi-method acquisitions. This is done by embedding either the UE1 Box or U32 Box. Customers can use the SmartScan 3-axis systems with today’s SDKs so that users can create their desired acquisition system quickly. The package is powered by Testia’s automated analysis software, NDTKit.