Weidmüller Presents New Automated Machine Learning Tool at Hannover Messe

February 19, 2020 by Alessandro Mascellino

German electronics company, Weidmüller, showcased new automated machine learning software at the Hannover Messe Preview last week.

The new tool, developed together with Microsoft, will enable users in the manufacturing industry to create and utilize machine learning models without any prior knowledge of these technologies.

“This solution shows that we are a pioneer in machine learning, which links up perfectly with the lead theme of Hannover Messe, driving forward industrial transformation,” commented Sybille Hilker, Weidmüller’s Executive Vice President Global Marketing & Corporate Communication.

The Hannover Messe Preview

Hannover Messe is one of the largest industrial trade shows in the world, located in Germany. Started in 1947, the event brings together thousands of industry experts, with an average of 6,500 exhibitors and upwards of 250,000 visitors each year.

Hannover Messe Preview 2020

Christoph Berlin and Tobias Gaukstern at the 2020 Hannover Messe Preview opening speech. Image Credit: Weidmüller.


The five-day event also features a preview day, where visitors and journalists are able to have a sneak peek at the key trends and technologies that will be showcased on the main stage a few weeks later. Similar to past years, Hannover Messe 2020 will focus on products and solutions for automation and digitalization. 

A pioneer in the field of electronics and interconnected devices, Weidmüller intends to use the upcoming Hannover Messe event to expand his reach by presenting innovations in electromobility, IIoT, connection systems, machine learning, and workplace solutions.


Democratize Machine Learning Applications

Talking at the Hannover Messe Preview, Tobias Gaukstern, Head of the Business Unit Industrial Analytics at Weidmüller, presented the company’s vision to democratize machine learning applications. 

As part of the joint keynote opening speech with Microsoft, Gaukstern led the opening speech with Christoph Berlin, Partner Program Manager, Azure Industrial IoT at Microsoft. Berlin explained how businesses can leverage cross-industry collaboration and open-source data sharing to overcome data silos.

Gaukstern then proceeded to demonstrate how the Microsoft Azure-powered Automated Machine Learning Tool from Weidmüller supports this vision and how machine learning could be now ready for a wider roll-out in the industry.


The New Automated Machine Learning Tool

Weidmüller’s Automated Machine Learning Tool originates in the top-level research cluster ‘OWL Intelligent Technical Systems’. This means it allows domain experts to independently generate an initial use-case machine learning model in less than an hour, thus greatly speeding up complex projects’ development.


Weidmüller Automated machine learning tool: Assisted creation of models using AI. Image used courtesy of Weidmüller. 


The tool also comes with advanced data science capabilities, guiding the user through the process of creating models for anomaly detection, classification, and prediction. This way the company’s existing knowledge of processes and machinery will remain available to mechanical and plant engineers, who will be able to access and update it at any given time.

Utilizing this tool will then ultimately result in maximization of production times as a result of optimized industrial analytics and consequently faster return on investment times. Weidmüller’s new machine learning tool is already functional, but not yet available for industrial purchase.


Want to know more about it? You can register for the Hannover Messe event by following this link here.