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About software configurable DCS I/O
Comparative study of merits and demerits of a software configurable I/O module for DCS

I need inputs on software software configurable I/O module for DCS for a market research study of merits and demerits of such I/Os.
My study involves DCS like
1. Emerson Delta V(CHARMS)
2. Honeywell(Universal IO C-series)
3. ABB (S-800 IO for 800xA)
4. Siemens SIMATIC PCS7(ET-200 series)
5. Rockwell Plant PAx (1715 series)
6. Invensys Foxboro Evo (Universal FBM 247)
7. Yokogawa CENTUM VP(N-IO)

My request to experienced professionals in this forum is to freely post their experiences on the merits and demerits of any of these I-O modules that you have used in your plants.
also, i it is possible can anyone share with me the technical specifications (datasheets of Series C IO of Honeywell)

Thanking you


For me I am working at ABB system (AC800M). also we have S-800 IO (AI880/AI880A, DI880 and DO880), already used from 2007, high performance equipment. actuality there is not demerits.