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How to do Firmware Update Through MODBUS?
A problem about working on .mot file and Rs485.

Hello!I'm new here.
I got a meter and its source code few days ago. After I compiled my project, I got a .mot (SREC format) file. However, I don't know how to write a program that can send .mot file to the meter through RS485. Can anybody solve my problem? Thanks a lot.

I have updated firmware on dozens of process field devices and I'm not sure what protocol was used to transfer the firmware file because it didn't matter; the device vendor provided the software to make the file transfer and provided the firmware file. I just went through the motions. File transfers were over various hardware buses: RS-232, RS-485, or Ethernet.

Whomever supplies a device's firmware file should be able to tell you which software/hardware bus is used to execute a firmware update.