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    Cimplicity v11 slow on win10

    Hi all, I upgraded workbench project from v6.1 XP to v11 Win10. The project took 5 min to start then the navigation between screens is also vey slow. I restart the project as viewer and it's better. On XP it's working perfect but not on Win10. I tried also another project, another computer and...
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    Cimplicity project less scripting

    Hi all, I am upgrading Cimplicity Workbech 6.1 to 11 with project less but i have some issue to set a value in script for 3 HMIs. Example in the old project the point Counter is created in workbench and the script is working properly. PointSet Counter, 1 sleep 1000 PointSet Counter, 2 ... I...
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    ABB 800xA DataDirect

    Hi all, We have ABB 800xA 5.1, I am using datadirect on AS to generate Excel report. The issue is that the values on the generated report excel are not updated automatically, I have to press F9 to update the values and this is not normal when i use Scheduling structure to run automated report. I...