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    How to select the output of water level sensor?

    It's important to select the output of water level sensor. But I don't know the difference between digital water level sensor and analog water level sensor, does anybody can tell me about this? thanks in advance.
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    How to use immersion water level meter?

    The immersion water level meter can measure water depth or level? I asked it so many people,but their answer is not very clear. So I'm here for the answer again. hope you guys will help me, thanks in advance.
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    What is the difference between water level sensor and water level data logger?

    I've been using water level sensors to measure water levels and other medium. But my friend told me that the water level data logger can also measure liquid level, pressure and temperature. Since I had never used the water level logger before, I did not have enough experience to verify his...
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    How non contacting radar distance sensor works?

    Hope you guys will reply. As far as I know, the non-contact radar distance sensor is used for measuring various working conditions. But I have never used a radar distance sensor to measure fuel tank. Based on my previous experience, does this sensor have a different standard for measuring...
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    How to monitor oil tank level in a Truck?

    In order to meet remote monitoring oil tank level, I tried so many ways, it didn't worked. I read an article about tank level monitoring from BBS, and the submersible level sensor can meet my needs.But if I need to monitor the tank level of truck, it won't meet my needs. Do you have any good ideas?
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    Can the water level sensor Arduino be connected to I2C interface?

    There has been a lot of news about how the water level sensor Arduino connected to the I2C interface could improve the efficiency and service life of the sensor. However, in my opinion, I2C is only a hardware interface, and its output signal is an analog signal. In addition, it is only suitable...
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    Sanitary Level Transducer to Measure Milk Level

    Because I own a milk processing plant, the milk generated by the waste water must be timely treatment, otherwise will be fined. Therefore, I need a sanitary level sensor to measure or monitor the change of milk level, so as to inform me to change the milk can in time. Does anybody know that?
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    How many types of iot level sensors are there?

    More and more iot level sensors are being used to measure the level of various medium. To be honest, I don't know what it's actually used for or how to choose a model. More importantly, what are its advantages over ordinary level sensors? Hope you can answer. Thank you!
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    Advantages and Disadvantages of Magnetostrictive Probe Level Measurement

    I've never used magnetostrictive level probe for industrial measurement. Therefore, I just wanted know how to use it and what are the advantages and disadvantages of magnetostrictive level probe? That's all I wanna know. Thanks for you guys in advance.
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    Calculating the Blind Spot of Radar Liquid Level Transmitter

    I'm here for looking blind spot radar liquid level transmitter. But I don't know how to calculate blind spot, does anybody know that? thanks in advance.
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    Accuracy of the Electromagnetic Flowmeter

    I want to use electromagnetic flowmeter to monitor the flow rate, but I don't know what external environmental factors will affect its measurement accuracy? Based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, do you know what internal factors affect its accuracy? In addition, can other liquid...
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    Can an IoT Wireless Level Sensor with GPRS Measure Water Tank?

    I just wanted buy IoT wireless level sensor with GPRS for water tank measurement, but in fact, I have never use it, therefore, is there anyone can tell me its worked? Thanks for you guys help!
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    Flush Diaphragm Level Sensor Measuring Food Grade Level

    I bought a flush diaphragm level sensor with tri-clamp for industrial measurement. I have a friend who need food grade level sensor, for example, milk and beverages etc.. therefore, can the flush diaphragm level sensor measure food grade level? thanks!
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    Can a capacitance liquid level probe measure fuel tank levels?

    Who has ever used a capacitance fuel level probe to measure oil tank levels? I bought a capacitance liquid level sensor for water treatment last week, so I just wanted know can I use the capacitance liquid level sensor can measure oil levels? It should be noted that they are all made of fully...
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    Diver Temperature Data Level Recorder

    I bought a diver temp data level recorder for water treatment, but I just wanted use it for oil level measurement.Does anybody know it can measure oil tank level? thanks all Hope you guys earliest reply!