What is the difference between water level sensor and water level data logger?

I've been using water level sensors to measure water levels and other medium. But my friend told me that the water level data logger can also measure liquid level, pressure and temperature. Since I had never used the water level logger before, I did not have enough experience to verify his claim. So I would like someone to answer that question. Thank you.

Do ya got any manufacturer names and model numbers for your "question"?

To my way of thinking, a water level sensor is just that: a means of measuring the level of water in some container or tank. A water level data logger is a means of recording the water level in some container or tank as reported by a water level sensor--either one that is supplied with the "data logger" or one that can be connected to the "data logger."

But, without more information from you about specific equipment (manufacter's names; model numbers) it's very difficult to respond to this "question."