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    Substation automation and system architecture

    Hello everyone, Myself into operation & maintenance of a small power plant (60 MW with 3 nos frame-V Gas turbine with Mark-VIe control and our plant always synchronized with national grid). Now in a project of new Gas turbine (again frame -V @ 20 MW), we are being supplied a system of...
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    Digital Automatic Voltage Regulator(DAVR)

    Hello everyone,, Myself into operation of a co-generation plant with three GE make frame 5 gas turbines with [email protected] with Mark-VIe control system. In the generator control panel we have Beckwith make generator protection relay (model:M-3425A) and the DAVR is of Brush make (Make: BRUSH...
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    understanding the diesel engine control system used to start Gas turbine.

    Hello everyone, Myself working in a co-generation plant with 60 MW(3x20MW) generation with three gas turbines with HRSG boilers. I want to learn about the starting engine (diesel engine) functioning like how it helps to get the gas turbine to its self sustaining speed. In this effort I have...
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    understanding the scheme for control devices of gas turbine

    Hello everyone! I have recently joined operation of an gas turbine power plant in india. GE make gas turbines are installed here (19.6 MW) with mark-VIe control system. I could acquire a drawing of "scheme for control devices", which is of course of a new project being underway. I need help to...
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    Maintenance Guidelines, New Power Generation

    Hello everyone, In one of our LSTK project of Gas Turbine, 15MW,BHEL (bharat heavy electricals Ltd) make turbine & generator with Mark-VIe control, the contractor has supplied the Turbine and the generator separately, and waiting for the foundation/skid to be ready in install both. But...