1771-IL Manual


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I have been searching for hours but can only find the manuals for the B ->D series.

I have a couple of series A Rev B Isolated input modules that I want to test as I think they are good.

Know the setup for these is different than the newer ones and the Voltage/Current jumper configuration is different. If anyone has the original manual or a PDF I would really appreciate it.

Thank you
Bruce B
We have a bunch of old manuals, but none for the IL.

For some things, I've had good results with an internet search of the manual number, but I'm not finding anything for this one. The PLCCenter page linked above also has a "product data" file from 1986 that may have useful information. It won't open for me, I keep getting a "connection was reset" error.

You might try contacting your local distributor to see if they can get an older manual for you.