3G3MV Omron protocol macro


for few days fighting to understand how to create a protocol macro on CX-protocol to communicate a Sysdrive 3G3MV inverter with an Omron PLC using a SCU-41 card without success, there is anybody can help me on this matter?.
I had look into Mr. PLC where looks like there is a potential solution but for unknown reason can’t create or recovery my account, if someone can share the file PSW and the Omron PMCR settings will be appreciated, getting lost trying to understand the protocol macro just need and example to follow to develop the entire part.


Hi Psycho,

Don't know the reason why I can't open the PSW file after unzip, I can open the CXP file but not the PSW.
But I guess that is the same files I had download so far, my issues is this one, may you can help me.

I can read the values on the inverter using small part of your program on protocol macro, some registers as speed, ace., dec. and more, my problem is I can't write new values into those read registers, for sure I'm doing something wrong, but still struggling with that.
The other "issue" I had seen is when I disconnect the inverter the communication with PLC fails, any idea what I can do to start that communication again automatically?.
I had use only part of your PLC program and I would like me to be more focus into for now just 3 inverters, any help will be appreciate.

Thank you very much for your help and time.

Try this Protocol Macro File. Using CX-protocol software you can Do a trace of the communication and see what mistakes you are making. First try to control a single drive. studying a single modbus registry command is easier.Screenshot_2.pngScreenshot_2.pngScreenshot_7.png