A.I. PLC 5 Software running in Windows 2000???


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My company has updated our laptops and they came in with win 2000. We are also still using all dos base AI software. I can not get it to run from windows or their ms dos simulator. Is anyone elese having this problem or knows how to fix it.
Please indicate on which OS did your software run fine earlier.
was it DOS, win-95/88, or win-NT ?
Also please type down the error message reported when you try to run your software on Win-2000.

WE run the ai software on dos 6.22, win 95 and windows 98. When we start it in windows 2000 it starts the automatically shuts down with no message. When we start it from the command prompt it says something about virtual machine I will have to goto work and write it all down and get back to you. Thanks for your help its rough carrying those work stations up stairs. I miss my laptops.
Kinda takes the fun out of new laptops, doesn't it?

AI-5 software is not officially supported in Windows 2000, and I don't expect it to be. I do dual-boot Win2000 and DOS so I can run really old
versions of DOS applications in true DOS 6.22.

What may be the problem is AI-5 trying to start it's hardware drivers in Win95 mode, in which case Windows 2000, ever jealous of it's system
resources, shuts down the offending executable immediately.

There's an executable file in the AI-5 directory called "markexe.exe". Run it from the command prompt in the AI-5 directory with the following
argument :

"C:\Program Files\AB\AI5\markexe NT"

This makes AI-5 start up as a Windows NT Console application, which Windows 2000 should tolerate.

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Ken Roach
A-B Seattle
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I've had a couple of problems with certain software since updating my lappy a couple of years back to Win98 (FAT32). After some of our clients also started reporting problems I investigated more and found that running FAT32 (as opposed to the old FAT16) was causing the problems.

Some of our clients were able to run Win98 OK but they were all running FAT16, everybody who had converted to FAT32 has problems. With Win2000 not running FAT16 this could be part of your problem.

If this is the case with your program, one potential solution (untried) would be 'Partition Magic' (a commercial program) where in theory you could probably run a Fat16 DOS partition and keep the proggy happy.

Anyway, just an idea!

Grant :eek:)

John Paley--Graphic Pkg Corp

Oh, My,

Try to talk them in to updating your software to rslogix. You'll be glad you did. When they got it for me, it sat dormant on my hard disk for almost a year before I finally decided to use it on a new project. I liked and knew A.I. and didn't want to change. I used logix on that project and have never looked back. It was slower at first, until I learned the tricks. Now I'm much more efficient with logix than I ever was with A.I.

If they can afford laptops, it seems they could afford the software, too.