a question for RSView32 VBA


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I would like to change a memory variable initial value, I used the following statement.
Sub ChangeWellValue()
Set Well1 = gTagDb.GetTag("TP_pump\Well1")
Well1.InitialValue = Well1.Value
End Sub

When the RSView32 is in Runtime, the initial values of variables memory is 0. I set a 7, and the initial value was changed to 7, but the variables in the database, the initial value is not changed at the next re-running and the initial value of variable memory is still 0. I would like to ask how can I storge the changed variables initialvalue at the next re-running time?
Initial values should be set in the tag database.

The tag value can be changed during runtime and retained in program memory until the next time a "boot" occurs.

A "boot" will reference the value contained in the tag database until your subroutine is called.

My personal experience is as follows:
Set your database values.
Do not try to change baseline values with code.
Code exists to handle human interaction not program sequence.