A strain gauge measurement system with total error of 0.1% or less


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Hi everyone!

I am trying to build a strain gauge measurement setup (strain gauge plus Data Acquisition instrument) with a total inaccuracy of less than 0.1%. Is that possible? What instruments are there available in the market that allow me to do that?

Curt Wuollet

Yes, that can certainly be done with available equipment short term. But, maintaining that accuracy will require good control of stress and
periodic calibration as well as diligent attention to detail in design and implementation. For example, with a 30mV/V bridge, full scale is 300mV. 0.1% is .3mV. Almost any two dissimilar metals joined
will produce more Seebeck voltage than that over a modest temperature span. This is a highly specialized area and not a bolt it together and
forget it type situation.

Total error of streain gauge is 2...3 times lower. But you need pay attention on error of electronics used for sensor signal conditioning -see Analog Devices or Linear Technology Data Sheets.
The best results from accuracy point of view can be achieved at frequncy measurement. For example, frequency output strain gauge or conditioning card with frequency output for strain gauge, for example, EL626 from DS Europe; DRP 8500 from Omega or some others:


and integrated Universal Frequency to Digital Converter (UFDC-1) with programmable relative error 0.01 ... 0.001 %:


Good luck.