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Pascal Poirier

Hi all,

We have just installed 7 Allen-Bradley 1336 IMPACT Drives for a paper roll wrapping
system. In a short laps of time (about one week), two of them get faulted with an EE Checksum error (code 03014), forcing us to perform a Recall Values operation as suggested in the1336 IMPACT User Manual. Anybody has an idea what can cause this? Also, on one of these two Drives, the speed (in RPM) is no longer displayed on HIM (only "stopped", "running", "stopping". etc. with a "+0" on the second line. Where is that ... display setting that i have to change?

System Info:
- 1336 IMPACT Ajustable Frequency AC Drive
- Frame A4
- Speed Reference from AB 1771-OFE1 analogue output card
- Drives Digital inputs from L6 Option board
- No Encoders

I am just wondering why...

Pascal Poirier

Steven Kubisch

Dear Pascal Poirier,

I am respond with reference to your drive check sum problem. The problem you are experiencing is probably related to common mode noise in the
system. Could you please check if there are common mode chokes (ferrite cores) on the output of your drives. Also check that all the drives are grounded per our recommended grounding on page 2-11 of the 1336 Impact Adjustable Frequency AC Drive User Manual (publication 1336 IMPACT-5.0
March of 1999).


Steven Kubisch