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Does anyone on this list know (or remember) how to connect the Allen Bradley 1784-PCMK/B to a PLC 1772-LXP 2/16 with the 1784-PCM2 cable using PLC Ladder Logistics (A.I.) software running on a notebook with MS-DOS 6.22?

The PCMCIA card is in and working correctly with either PCENABLE or PCMKINIT but can not find the CPU. During a "Who Active", the A.I. software reports the following message with the cable connected or disconnected. "PLC-2 cannot be accessed if flashing because a local terminal is Editing".

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That error message should read "No WHO functionality when Front Port driver selected".

If you're using the "smart cable" or the PCMK with the PCM2 cable connected to the front port, you *should* just be able select the front port driver and press [F3] ONLINE. WHO only works when you're using a KA3 module and DH+.

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