AB PLC 5/40C vs SLC45/04


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Dear srs:

I have a project and the system integrator suggest to use PLC 5/40 with ControlNet i prefer to use the SLC5/04 with a controlnet communication card instead , because we don not work with many analog signals and no more than 120 discretes signals. I want to know if some of you have noted certain differences in peformance and reliability between AB SLC and PLC processors


Pedro M. Carri
Just my $.02 worth but I wouldn't use either PLC-5 or SLC. I would suggest looking at the FlexLogix processor with Flex I/O. Cost would be much less than PLC-5/40C and probably less than SLC-5/04, 5/05 also.

For ControlNet add the ControlNet daughtercard and for Ethernet add the Ethernet/IP daughtercard and away you go.

The Flex system will have a much longer usable life span than the PLC-5 and SLC machines. Also would provide the opportunity to "get your feet wet" with the new breed of A-B controllers.

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Trevor Ousey

My preference would be a PLC5 over an SLC5, but if you dont need the power and stuff it would be hard to justify. Other benefits are the DH+/RIO are definitely easier/better on PLC5's. And then if I was going to do a new PLC I would go Controllogix.

Jeremy Pollard

Large cost differnece as well as an enhanced instruction set for the 5/40. The integrator may find the code easier to write with a 5/40 than a 5/04. If not then stick to your guns. Less money out of your pocket

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