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Craig H.

I am currently working on several AB PLC2/30 applications. I have an AB T-50 Ind. term. running ICOM, but would like to program and document in a more comfortable NT environment where rest of my apps. are. Does anyone have any reasonable ideas how to get there from here?
Beginning with version 6.24 of AI-2 software (if that's what you mean by ICOM), it would run in Windows NT, using the "smart cable" interface to the front port of the PLC-2.

Later incremental updates added support for the 1784-KTX card and the 1784-PCMK/B card for front-port and DH+ communications.

I really can't recommend, though, running software this old that was designed and built for DOS, in an NT environment unless you absolutely have to. A-B support has taken the "It's a DOS program, if you can run it in NT, good for you" approach, which I think is reasonable twelve years after the heyday of the PLC-2.

I hear there's an Australian company selling a PLC-2 editor now. I doubt the Taylor software for A-B PLC-2 (also DOS-based) is still sold.
There is no PLC/2 software for the windows environment that I am aware of. You might want to take a look at upgrading those PLC/2s to PLC/5. Your 1771 IO and rack won't change, only your processor card. AB offers a discounted upgrade path and even a program translation service. Check with your rep about it.