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I am facing problem in ABB 800 XA system Connectivity Server. The primary Connectivity server stops working randomly and the redundant server does not takes over so there is no communication between Controller and HMI.

We found out that there are two services

1. OPC_DA connector and
2. PLC Server

are not working properly, because after restarting these services the Server starts working again.

But the reason for these services malfunctioning is not clear.
what controllers are you connecting to? are you using mod300, bailey net90, AC 800M? are your connectivity severs synced? If you're using mod300 does it have a DCN or E-DCN (check you rtab config)? you may have to delete your connectivity servers from your aspect server and reinstall using the wizard.

Thanks for reply.

We are using AC 800M controllers and our connectivity servers are synced. As I restart the primary connectivity server the secondary comes in line. But when this hanging problem occurs the secondary CS does not take over and the communication stops. And it is not possible to completely remove connectivity server and reconnect as the plant is running.

Is there anything else that can be done?
does this hanging happen right away or over time? have you replace any hardware recently or reboot the controllers? there should be a MMS server that is loaded on start up, check to see if this or any other service stops.also check all ip address not just the network but the RNRP setup.check your network cables with a cable tester if you have one. the next time it crashes go on your aspect server and check the system status and look for errors. if everything is working fine until you start the other server then it sounds like a hardware issue.if you don't have a manual I can e-mail it to you.

you should thing about signing up to there's a lot info, software updates downloads, video and manuals there.

The MMS Server

The MMS Server for the AC 800M/C is a service that allows the Control Builder and the OPC Server to run and communicate with each other on the same computer. It also allows communication to the Control Network. The MMS Server is automatically installed when any of these products are installed. The MMS Server is installed as a Service and it is automatically started when the PC is started.

Raymundo D. Balderas

How many time the system is running?

There are many thing to look at:

- Controller Load: maybe controller is loaded so the comms are not functioning as fast as needed and the service is treating this delay as a failure.

- Networking: check the network if it is satisfying all the prereqs.

- Servers are not Installed correctly and that's the reason they are not working as defined by the System architecture.

Good Luck.

Raymundo D. Balderas
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