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Anyone could help me to understand pros and cons between Control Builder and Function Designer development tools for AC800M controller on 800xa ver. 5.1. The plant to be automated is a waste incinerator plant with about 170 I/Os.

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Control Builder M with

You'll still be able to program using Structured text, Function blocks, or Control modules. Diagrams is an "enhancement" to the older function block language.

The real pain-in-the-butt with Control Builder, though, is the fact that you can't bulk generate diagrams based on a diagram-type. For example, let's say you create a typical PID loop for flow complete with AI/PID/AO. There hasn't been as easy way (that I've found) that will generate 10 flow loops using that PID loop as a template. (If you're familiar with older Foxboro - FoxCAE - you could translate a taglist into loop templates very easily.)

The other "got ya" with Control Builder M is the custom libraries that you might consider buying to get you up and running. For example, a custom library might include a library block based on MotorUni (a block in the default library) that includes additional features. The standard library would only have the MotorUni block.

One other thing, there's a bit of 800xA work that needs to be completed regarding Aspects for custom library "objects". That will take some man-hours to sort out.

Function Designer is a graphical control application engineering tool designed for process engineers. It is intended for engineers desiring a functional approach of the control logic in line with the process graphics and all other aspects of a certain process section. It does not require software programming expertise and is intuitive to engineers in the plant design as well as in the maintenance phase.

Control Builder is a powerful tool for creating control and safety solutions including reusable control libraries for the AC 800M controller. It is also used for the hardware configuration. Everything is done in a Windows-based environment, offering a wide range of control functionality for ABB's industrial controller AC 800M. It supports all five programming "languages" according to IEC 61131-3.

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