Accelerometer Configuration in BN 3500

BN 330400-02-05 Accelerometer is connected to BN rack and configured 0-25mm/s and checked the integrated box. The probe range is 50g peak. I am bit doubting on this configuration. Can someone confirm the configuration?

The installed rack can go maximum 20g peak. My understanding the probe range should be with in the racks lower and higher limit.

Again, if the integrate box is checked then static input value integrate with velocity to provide the output. If the probe is put on the portable shacker will not provide the output. Its my understanding, please confirm.

Additionally, someone provide the conversion value for 25mm/s is equal to how much g peak.
I am not an expert in vibration, but I had to do a little bit once upon a time evaluating and testing different systems. I have a calculator program I used from this web site that I have squirreled away.

I do not see the download any more, but they have an on line calculator now. Take a look at the tech documents and at beginner training, there is a slide on the conversion you are looking for. You need frequency to get from velocity to acceleration (g's).