Access a SNMP device via OPC ?


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Peter Windmann

Hi, Does anybody know about the possibility to access data from a SNMP-Device (i.e. a Ethernet Hub or Switch) via OPC. What we want to do is to show and supervise some network health data in a standard HMI visualization (i.e. iFix). Has anybody done this before ? Regards Peter

Klaus Obermeier

Peter, our SNMP-OPC Gateway is a bidirectional gateway to connect SNMP and OPC. It allows you to monitor SNMP devices from your OPC Client as well as monitor OPC Server from SNMP Management Stations (e.g. HP Open View, IBM Netview). Please check . The beta version is available soon. Regards, Klaus

Stephen Woram

We have just released the latest version of our iSNMP product, that allows you to integrate SNMP data into any OPC compliant HMI. Please visit to view the current datasheet and download the eval version.
Stephen Woram