Calibration Management System with Microsoft Access - Easley and Step by Step


What is the purpose of this system? Is it just for keeping track of the calibration equipment? Or for the devices which the calibration equipment will be used for checking/adjusting?

Is this for companies providing calibration services?
The application can be used as a record of all measuring equipment. Or in brief outlines by areas:
  1. MSA - vision of the measurements obtained from the analysis of the measurement system / process, when they were made, whether they meet the VDA requirements, .
  2. Test equipment record as a card with all the data for the measuring device, such as date of purchase, type of device, serial number, accuracy, resolution, ...
  3. Certificates - Records of certificates obtained for each measuring devices.
  4. Acredited laboratories- all laboratories involved in calibration of measuring devices
  5. Standards - representation of the standards used in calibration of measuring devices - Self calibration-the values from the measurements from the calibrators, and gave and fulfilled the tolerances, the uncertainties, ...
  6. List of self-calibrators - records of all types measuring devices, for which we performed self-calibration. Which etiquette do we use, which measurement method, ...

A short presentation you can find on next link
So, when I think of "calibration" I think of the devices in a process plant which have to be calibrated prior to installation, or verified periodically, using regularly certified calibration equipument ("testers," or multi-function calibrators, etc.). As examples: pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters, temperature switches, pressure switches, etc. For this most process plants use some kind of "calibration data sheet" which lists manufacturer's information, device tag/number, calibration data (range; deadband/hysteresis; actuation/de-actuation setpoints; etc.), as-found condition, as-left condition, equipment serial number, and the like. These are usually stored in a location where they can be quickly accessed; I would imagine some sites have some kind of computerized calibration record management system where information is stored for future reference or review.

I don't think most process plants do anything more with their calibration equipment than send it out regularly for testing and certification by a company that issues certificates of accuracy and compliance. (If they even do that. A LOT of plants these days outsource device calibration and testing and repair.)

So, perhaps we have both learned something here. Calibration can refer to instrument calibration/testing/verification, and it can refer to the equipment used to calibrate/test/verify instruments.
Thank you for the suggestions. The idea of the application is more towards recording the measuring equipment but not recording the measuring results. If you want, I can share with you a version of the application, so you can make an review and a suggestion for improvement.