AGA correction for gas computing

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Juan Pablo Tarruella

I need information about AGA correction calculations (formulas or algorithms) applied to correct plate/orifice measurements. I understand that formulas are freeware and can be used by everybody who need it. Is that true? Where can I get the formulas?

steve cordiner

A lot of cheap packages available, but you need to watch what accuracy you want to work to. If yo are looking for the 1% fiscal systems, then you ned a good package. ISO5167 is a document which lays it all out on paper. If you are looking for something cheap and nasty the Qa = CA sqrt DP/Rho for actual flow and Qm - CA sqrt DP*rho for mass flow, where C is discharge coefficient and A is area, dp is diff pressure across plate and rho is operating density. Usually a k factor added.