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Chris Copland

Can anyone tell me were I can find information on the communication protocol for AB remote I/O system.

Michael R. Batchelor

I'm pretty sure that's:

A: Proprietary
B: Heavily defended if you reverse engineer it
C: Available for sale with a non-disclosure agreement if you want to OEM some module.

Jeremy Pollard

Yep - nowhere:)
Protected protocol. S&S has a card to communicate with the remote I/O whcih
they have licensed
"": go here to find out more

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Typically you have to pay Rockwell and sign a licensing agreement to see the details of Allen-Bradley Remote I/O protocol. In return, they usually assign a technical support person who can help you out when you get stuck using their chipset ("node adapter").

At least one other company has reverse engineered the protocol, and then ended up signing a licensing agreement with Rockwell to avoid nasty legal costs.


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