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Jimmy Fletcher

I have a red lion tach ring with a 60 tooth gear. I want to bring that input into my slc 5/04 to read out in rpm's. I have ordered a high speed counter module. How can I scale this input to read out on the panelview in rpm's ?
monitor the 'rate' word value generated by the HSCE card. multiply this value by 60 and display the result on your PV.HTH

Page 2-9 begins the introduction of the Rate Mode in the 1746-HSCE module.

With a 60-tooth pulse generator, your pulse rate in Hz (pulses per second) will be equal to your shaft speed in RPM (rotations per 60 seconds).

Very likely this is the reason for a sixty-tooth model of the Red Lion ring device.

The value in I:e.3 (where "e" is the slot number of the counter module) will be your shaft speed in RPM.

Move the Input value into an Integer register (N7:x for example) for the PanelView to read; it's a little easier that way for the PanelView to read it, especially if you group several readout values together in memory.

Unless you exceed 32,767 RPM (the SLC counter uses signed integers that can only get that big) you should have no problems.
The hardest part will be determining how to wire your magnetic pickup properly to the HSCE module.