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Walt Boyes

Dear friends,

As Contributing Editor for Flow Control magazine, I am always looking for suggestions for columns on applications or new techniques, or old fluid handling not just flow meters and flow control.

As I start preparing for next years' articles, I am taking this means to solicit ideas from this group.

What applications have you seen that you thought were interesting?

What have you seen that had real problems?

If there were a flow control product that doesn't exist, but that you would dearly love to have exist, what would it be?

If there is an oldie-but-goodie that you think people are forgetting about, what would that be?

If there is new technology that nobody, or few people know about, what can you tell me about it?

Any other ideas or application suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

As Ron Piechota said to me in an email the other day, "We could run a new application every month for the next 10 years and not cover them all."

So, throw some at me! (Applications and story ideas, that is...I get enough of the other kind.<grin>)

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Walt Boyes

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Adolfo Jimmy Saldivias Valarezo

Every time I go to a plant to make a demonstration on ultrasonics flowmeters, I see 2 things worth noting:
1. Everyone is amazed at how quick and easy you can measure flow without entering the process
2. Then everyone asks if we can provide such an equipment for steam measurement....

So far I have not known of non invasive ultrasonic (or any other technique) used to measure steam.

If there is one such technique I would love to hear about it.

Jimmy Saldivias
[email protected]

Vitor Finkel

Hi, Walt !

While preparing the program for Instituto Brasileiro de Petroleo Instrumentation Conference, to be held at December 5 and 6th in
RIO, we are dedicating a whole day to "Novelties in Oil and Gas Measurements" and some interesting ideas were discussed.

Petrobras claims to measure multiphase flow using orifice plates as primary devices. I think they presented a paper on that at the ISA Show in New Orleans. Take a look at the proceedings to see if that may interest you.

Have you heard of FLUENTA, a norwegian mfg for Mass flowmeters ? They have an interesting dual capacitive flow sensor, that coupled with a density transmitter provides multi-phase metering.
The concept seems new and interesting to me, but then I am not a specialist in Flow, so...

Take care,

Vitor Finkel

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