Aspen Process Explorer with ABB Master DCS

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For one of the projects that I am working on, the client wants to load CIM-IO Software from Aspen into an ABB IMS AS500 station and access certain pre-defined tags from ABB's 'MB300' control network. The control network consists of 20 AC450 type process controllers and four AS520 type HMIs and one IMS station for History.

Can you guide me with some answers, I need to understand the following:

1. How does the Aspen Process Explorer fetch these tags from the ABB network? Does it access each individual process controller node for this? Would this not add to load to the control network?

2. Is it possible to phase these queries from the Aspen Process Explorer server such that all queries are not sent in one shot to the control network?

Looking for answers from people who have experience on this interface.

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