Automatic Boiler Control & Burner Management System


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Zafar Abbas

In order to design regulatory control and burner management system for a battery of 14 boilers taking feed water from common header and feeding common steam header, what will be the applicable international safety standards? and where to get these?

DCS or PLC, what approach will be feasible?

Safety up to what extent?
Depending of the type of Boiler and the capacity of it
Normally we make project conform to NFPA 85 2001 Ediction .
For BMS ( Burner Management System ) we use special PLC that must be C.R IV or more ( Class Risck ).
For BCS ( Burner Control System ) you can use DCS or PLC .
We have a special product that is really good for this job.

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Clifford Bosch

Yokogawa DCS such as CS1000 or CS3000 have been successfully implemented on many boilers around the world. They are easy to configure, with options such as dual redundancy creating long MTBF. Contact your nearest office via, or e-mail me at [email protected] for information.