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Jorge Gonzalez

I need to restart my computer once a day to have enough free memory. The system is running a data acquisition program and loads it automatically when the computer starts. Someone knows how to do this with Windows 95?

Gerald Moore

The real solution should be to either buy a little more memory, or determine what is eating it up and fix it. Most likely your data acq. software is taking memory and not releasing it properly. This needs to be fixed or no amount of memory will fix the problem. I had this problem once with a bad OPC Client. Everytime it scanned for variables it sucked up a little more memory until there was none left. I had to rewrite it in Visual Basic. Now it works properly without rebooting for the last year.
Yes, you could get more memory, but if its careless programming practice causing this problem, better to fix that, as it may even spees up your data acquisition.

I am currently working on an image anlysis system. My data acquisition software as you can image requires a fair amount of memory to run efficiently. The system I am currently testing on has 300MB of physical memory, regularily it drops below 20MB left.

The interface client runs smoothly, I only ever access the historical data table when im populating a form, from then on it access's a real time table.. smooth...

Make sure that in your software, if you are opening for instance a database object, close it when it is not needed, this will free up more memory. I wouldnt recommend continuously opening then closing a Db if thats where you are storing the data, but other objects perhaps...

Paul Rucci