Autonomous underwater vehicle system project


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farhan jaffery

my final year projects main heading is Autonomous underwater vehicle system. long story short i will be building a vehicle and sending a wireless transmission from underwater vehicle to the ground which will mainly comprise of the transmission of temp sensors reading from under water vehicle to the base station on the water surface and then from there to the person on the ground.

since i am a telecommunication student my main objective is to acheive wireless communication rather than to build a fancy submarine. we have already solved more than 90% of the problems concerning wireless transmission. we only need help with the programming for 8051 which will send the temp sensors reading to the adc0804 and then to the 8051 and display the result on HD44780 lcd

Can anyone help with code and interfacing diagram for interfacing adc0804 with lcd and displaying the result of temp sennsor on lcd.

your help would be appreciated.
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thank you

Farhan Haider
Telecommunication Engineer