Underwater flow meter


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Amir Or

I'm looking for a flowmeter for marine (underwater) pipeline. The flowmeter needs to be installed at the pipe end! pipe is 32" and water depth is 20 meter Power supply and communication can be supplied from shore by suitable cables The meter must be very reliable and maintenance free. Any ideas?
Find on ABB magnetic meter, its hermetic and hasn´t parts with movement, and the siganl its sended to remote display. Likewise the meter operates underwater, but i don´t know at how deep.

Francisco Gonzales

I agree with mark about ultrasonic flowmeter. This is commonly used and there are many brands available in the market. I just tell you that magmeters can't work measuring oil since the fluid has to be conductive and oil is not.

I hope this helps.

Rohit Chandak

Turbine Flow Meter. Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc. USA do sub-sea applications regularly. The line size is quite large but may be they can offer their insertion turbine meter.

Ultrasonic Flow Meter could be good choice but not sure about the performance or suitability of the meter in submerged conditions.