Bently Nevada 3300 Modbus addressing


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Mark Mullins

Does anyone know if it is possible to connect a SCADA directly to a Bently Nevada 3300?

I beleive the Bently Nevada 3300 uses Modbus to communicate. Can a SCADA be connected to it, has anyone done this? How do we get the modbus addressing scheme?

Any help would be appreciated.

Mark Mullins.

Sharad Maheshwari

Hello Pal,

I have used a PLCsystem with communication on Modbus to bentlynevada. It is simple and no problem. You will have to get the bentlynevada systems MODBUS registers and map those to a MODBUS MASTER which could be a PLC or SCADA. You could use any Standard SCADA package like WINCC etc. and on the PC com port with RS232 to RS485 converter in the event of Multi drop have the communication done.

Sharad Maheshwari
[email protected]